Kata (art form) is an important part of karate training. Each Kata consists of a series of blocks and counter attacks designed to ward off an imaginary opponent. In order to become proficient at performing kata, students must focus their concentration, pay attention to details of the movement, and call upon their imagination to bring the movement to life. Beginner katas are made up of basic movements while advanced katas include more elaborate techniques. The ability to perform and understand the meaning of the katas assigned to each rank is an essential part of the requirements for promotion.



About_Karate_KumiteKumite involves the utilization of blocks, kicks and punches in a sparring situation. Control and safety are of the utmost importance during kumite training.  Students are taught to apply their techniques carefully and efficiently. Hard contact is not allowed during kumite training. Light contact is allowed to the upper torso. Face contact is NEVER allowed. All students wear padded gloves when sparring for protection in case of accidental contact. Beginning students will not take part in sparring exercises until they have been training for approximately 1 month. Sparring will always be supervised by Sensei Takahashi or senior Black Belt.