Michiyo and “NY Licorice Ensemble” will perform at the Japan Day celebration in Central Park

Michiyo will be performing some Japanese songs with her clarinet group “NY Licorice Ensemble” this coming Sunday in Central Park at the Japan Day celebration. Stage time is 10:50 am– 11:05am

Please come support her and enjoy the festivities.
You can see some of her performances on Youtube: a solo performance piece  the ensemble in beautiful Raigaku-ji, Japan
and there are many more
Congratulations, Michiyo!

Westchester Magazine article about Takahashi Sensei

This Eighth-Degree Black Belt Is 70 Years Old and Still Going Strong
The septuagenarian martial artist is alive and kickin’ in Mount Kisco.

By William Dyer, Westchester Magazine
Published: 02/28/2017

After 55 years of relentless training, eighth-degree black belt Masakazu Takahashi has cultivated a loyal following in his Mount Kisco dojo of students from all ages and backgrounds. Writer William Dwyer reports that the 70-year-old master hasn’t slowed down one bit.

Sensei Masakazu Takahashi of Armonk is an eighth-degree black belt and the head of the US Kenkojuku Karate Association. Impressed? You should be, especially considering that Takahashi is also 70 years old and hasn’t slowed down one more