Takahashi Karate Ponchos

We are selling Takahashi Karate Ponchos for this year’s fundraiser.

  • Ponchos are available in three colors-Red, Green & Black.
  • Adult sizes are unisex- Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
  • Children sizes- Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large

Please sign-up for a poncho to support the dojo fund.  There is a sign-up form in the dojo office.

Sign-up ends November 5th!!!

Red Takahashi Karate Poncho
Red Takahashi Karate Poncho

Green Takahashi Karate Poncho
Green Takahashi Karate Poncho

Black Takahashi Karate Poncho
Black Takahashi Karate Poncho


Custom stitching on the sleeve, with your name or initials, is also available

Special Training- Fall 2019

Sensei Takahashi Birthday
Happy Birthday Sensei!!!

We had another great session combining the students from the Mt. Kisco and Long Island Dojo’s.  The focus was exclusively on basics – with a strong emphasis on footwork, timing, control and distance (“ma” in Japanese).  We went the full 3 hours and concluded with a lively celebration of Sensei’s birthday.  Winter Training will be the 3rd Sunday of January

.Special Training-Fall 2019

Special Training- July 2019

July’s Special Training focused on the 5 Heian Kata (Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yodan & Godan),  Bo Kata and Bo Kumite.  It was 100 degrees outside but everyone’s spirit ran strong. Many thanks to Sensei for leading us through a challenging session! And a special thanks to all of our students who travelled to attend the event.