Kenkojuko Karate Emblem
Inner Strength and Outward Humility

The Kenkojuko Karate emblem symbolizes the spirit and intention of Karate training that Sensei Funakoshi emphasized.

  • Although kenko means health in Japanese, the characters have a deeper, more esoteric meaning than one’s physical health, and encompass the spirit and mind.
  • Ken: means humility, to humble oneself, (i.e., to become a good person).
  • Ko: means to associate with or mingle.
  • Juku: means tutoring/class.

The crossed pine needles represent working in pairs and their “ever green” quality, which means to be forever young, flexible, always learning.

Kenkojuku is therefore a place to learn to be humble – to help one another strive for the perfection of character through the study of Karate.



character of the sword
Character of the Sword


The original Kenkojuko Karate emblem was the character of the sword, meaning The Glint of the Sword.