3 Year Zoom Training Anniversary; Apr 2, 2023

From April 2, 2020 (3 weeks after closing the Mt. Kisco Dojo due to Covid-19 Pandemic) until February 12, 2022 (when the Mt. Kisco Dojo was fully re-opened), we had ~286 Zoom training sessions lead by Sensei Takahashi; from the Mt. Kisco Dojo, or his home.

We all agree, this was an extraordinary time. There is absolutely nothing to compare it to. It was a completely unique experience for everyone who has been part of the Mt. Kisco Takahashi Dojo.

Accordingly, we took a moment to commemorate the 3 year anniversary of our first Zoom Training, with a gift to Sensei Takahashi, and the following thoughts:

“On behalf of the entire Mt. Kisco Dojo, we want to thank you, Sensei Takahashi, for your unwavering commitment to keep the Mt. Kisco Dojo together, and “to keep the fire burning.” We want to express our deep appreciation for your outstanding leadership through this unprecedented chapter of our life of training in Kenkojuku Shotokan Karate. It is remarkably clear that very few people on this earth have had a similar experience. OSS !!”

The gift was a photomosaic picture of Sensei Takahashi leading us in a training session, to commemorate the 3-year anniversary of our first Zoom training; Thursday April 2, 2020. The photomosaic is comprised of 300+ screen captures during our 2020-2022 Zoom trainings.

At first glance, this picture is a bit unusual; a bit abstract, like an impressionist painting by Claude Monet… Nevertheless, this collection of 300+ pictures comes together to tell the unique story of a remarkable experience during an extraordinary time for the Mt. Kisco Takahashi Karate Dojo.

Enclosed below are a few pictures from this special celebration.

Thank you Sensei Takahashi, for everything you have done to keep the Mt. Kisco Takahashi Karate Dojo together. We will always remember this…

Recent Children’s Promotion Tests

We have had several Children’s Promotion Tests in recent weeks. Here is the update.

Dec 20, 2022
Markus Plechaty: Purple belt 1 stripe (4th Kyu)
Theodore Nguyen: Brown belt (3rd Kyu)
Brendan Sullivan: Brown belt 1 stripe (2nd Kyu)
Shea Sullivan: White belt 1 stripe (8th Kyu)
Layla Sullivan: White belt 1 stripe (8th Kyu)
Swaraj Bhattacharya: Yellow belt (7th Kyu)

Jan 3, 2023
Vincent Negard: White Belt 1 stripe (8th Kyu)

Jan 18, 2023
Ava Bhattacharya: Yellow belt (7th Kyu)
Lauren Pettersson: Yellow belt (7th Kyu)
Luke Pettersson: Yellow belt (7th Kyu)
Maya Bhattacharya: Yellow belt (7th Kyu)
Aya Nakamura: Brown belt (3rd Kyu)
Sensei Ammo: Brown belt (3rd Kyu)

It was great watching each of you take this next step…

Congratulations !! You did a great job…

OSS !!

2022 Mt. Kisco Dojo Picture

We assembled on Sep 10th for our first “in person” Mt. Kisco Dojo Picture since 2019. It was a landmark moment after the Covid-19 related challenges we navigated in the meantime.

Enclosed below are the original two photos.

Credits: Rick King took the initial photos. Naoto Kihara put together the final photograph with the special design banner.

Looking forward to keeping this great tradition going.

OSS !!

Takahashi Dojo Holiday Party & Toy Drive 2022

Our traditional Holiday Party & Toy Drive was held on Dec 10th. The turnout was great, with an exceptional buffet of tasty foods, and lots of toy donations for those less fortunate.

After the party, 4 large bags of toys were distributed to selected organizations who make sure the toys get delivered to those in need. Leftover food was also donated to local food pantries.

Our Takahashi Dojo, Sensei Takahashi, fellow karate-ka, friends and family

Here are a few pictures that help to capture the spirit of the Takahashi Dojo. Thank you everyone who contributed food & drinks, and all the donated toys.

Happy Holidays !!