This is not about me, it’s about ourselves.

Our Mother and Father educated us and showed us  the difference between good and bad.

We got an education; we got into sports, as a break from studying.   We learned family values, so we followed education, job and some social activities.  We got married —  children came, and we followed the path of our parents, and, to keep active mentally and physically, we chose Karate.

Why? We sought discipline, respect, mental and physical action, so we came to the Takahashi Dojo.

After being in another school (in Greenberg), I moved to Mt Kisco, and I came to see Sensei; it was the best choice I ever made.

We may carry a little chip on our shoulder and Sensei showed me the path of sincerity and respect; I fell into a great group of men and women who share my own desires.

I am happy to have a new family, who have decided to take some time aside from home, work and family, and come to the dojo to use our minds and bodies for our own good.

There are a lot of schools and dojos, but Sensei Takahashi is gentle, smooth, and well organized, with Captains or Senpai always ready to help follow Sensei’s manners and technique.

That is why we must keep our motivation and our souls dedicated to improving ourselves, and pass to others as we pass on to our children.  
Sensei Takahashi, you have been and you are the best inspiration filling the place of teacher and friend.

You have made a new person out of me,

Thank You OSU

Julio C Palacio

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