Promotion Test- April 2019

Congratulations to our new 1st degree Black Belt (Shodan):

    • Michiyo Suzuki

Congratulations to our new 2nd degree Black Belt ( Nidan):

    • Tara Santoro

Congratulations to our new 3rd degree Black Belts ( Sandan):

    • Jim Reilly
    • Solange Valentin

Awesome Job!!!

Michiyo Suzuki- Shodan
Michiyo Suzuki- Shodan
Michiyo Suzuki-Shodan
Michiyo Suzuki-Shodan
Michiyo Suzuki- Shodan
Michiyo Suzuki- Shodan
Solange Valentin - NIdan
Solange Valentin – NIdan
Jim Reilly - Sandan
Jim Reilly – Sandan
Tara Santoro - NIdan
Tara Santoro – NIdan
Sensei Takahashi & Michiyo Suzuki
Sensei Takahashi & Michiyo Suzuki







Special Training- April 2019

April’s Special Training focused on fundamentals (starting with our most basic kata – Taikyoku Shodan), timing drills (to improve our footwork), bunkai (the basic application of kata) and kumite (2 attack sparring).  A welcome reminder to all that we need to balance our focus on kata and weapons training with the application of these techniques.

Promotion Test- March 2019

Congratulations to our new 6th degree Black Belts ( Rokudan):

    • Nancy Beckerman
    • Robin Wilson

Congratulations to our new 2nd degree Black Belts ( Nidan):

    • Barry Choate
    • Rosa Colindres
    • Robert Conrad
    • Hitomi Kihara
    • Holly Rivlin
Nancy Beckerman-Rokudan
Barry Choate – Nidan
Robin Wilson – Rokudan
Rosa Colindres-Nidan
Hitomi Kihara – Nidan


Robert Conrad-Nidan
Holly Rivlin – Nidan
Takahashi Karate Black Belt Promotion
Takahashi Karate Black Belt Promotion




Annual Takahashi Dojo Toy Drive


Every year, the students and friends of the Takahashi Karate Dojo collect new toys to donate to families in need in our local area. We have proudly engaged in this holiday tradition for nearly 20 years

Here’s how our Toy Drive works:

If you wish to make a donation, please purchase a new toy, gift wrap the package, and attach a tag describing the contents, as well as its appropriate age group and gender.

Bring your donation to the dojo on or before our annual Holiday Party on Saturday, December 8th (12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m.). A team of dojo students will then deliver the toys to local charities. Donations to our Toy Drive are voluntary. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

Let’s bring in a big haul for a good cause!

Happy Holidays!


Annual Takahashi Karate Blood Drive

The Takahashi Karate School and the Mt. Kisco Fire Department are teaming up this Saturday to give the gift of life. Please sign up here to give blood to the New York Blood Center or show up at the Mt. Kisco Fire Department on Saturday, October 27.

Where: Mt. Kisco Fire Department
99 E. Main Street

When: 11:30am – 4:00pm


New York Blood CenterThank you for being a blood donor.

Thank you for saving lives!!!