Sept 22, 2022 Children’s Test

Congratulations on the following Children’s promotions:

  • Tyler Conrad to One Stripe White Belt (8th Kyu)
  • Markus Plechaty to Purple Belt (5th Kyu)
  • Theodore Nguyen to Purple Belt One Stripe (4th Kyu)

It was a pleasure watching you take this next step…

Congratulations !! You did a great job…

Tyler Conrad demonstrating basic (Kihon) chudan punch
Markus Plechaty demonstrating basic (Kihon) roundhouse kick
Theodore Nguyen demonstrating basic (Kihon) front kick
Tyler Conrad performing the Kata “Taikyoku Shodan” (8th Kyu)
Markus Plechaty performing the Kata “Heian Sandan” (5th Kyu)
Theodore Nguyen performing the Kata “Heian Yodan” (4th Kyu)

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