Recent Children’s Promotion Tests

We have had several Children’s Promotion Tests in recent weeks. Here is the update.

Dec 20, 2022
Markus Plechaty: Purple belt 1 stripe (4th Kyu)
Theodore Nguyen: Brown belt (3rd Kyu)
Brendan Sullivan: Brown belt 1 stripe (2nd Kyu)
Shea Sullivan: White belt 1 stripe (8th Kyu)
Layla Sullivan: White belt 1 stripe (8th Kyu)
Swaraj Bhattacharya: Yellow belt (7th Kyu)

Jan 3, 2023
Vincent Negard: White Belt 1 stripe (8th Kyu)

Jan 18, 2023
Ava Bhattacharya: Yellow belt (7th Kyu)
Lauren Pettersson: Yellow belt (7th Kyu)
Luke Pettersson: Yellow belt (7th Kyu)
Maya Bhattacharya: Yellow belt (7th Kyu)
Aya Nakamura: Brown belt (3rd Kyu)
Sensei Ammo: Brown belt (3rd Kyu)

It was great watching each of you take this next step…

Congratulations !! You did a great job…

OSS !!

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